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[[Siddhartha Gautama|Siddhartha_Gautama&action=history]] Hi, someone vandalise, write lie information. It is very dangerous vandalism. Greatings from Czech republic. --[[Naraguna:Whiny15|Whiny15]] ([[Parembugan Naraguna:Whiny15|rembugan]]) 1 Juni 2021 09.17 (UTC)
: Hi [[Naraguna:Whiny15|Whiny15]], thanks for catching the vandalism and reverting it too. I am currently not regularly checking on this Wikipedia, so any help is highly appreciated! :-) For the mean time, I've put the article on my watchlist. Bests, [[Naraguna:Naval Scene|Naval Scene]] ([[Parembugan Naraguna:Naval Scene|rembugan]]) 1 Juni 2021 19.18 (UTC)