Béda antarané révisi "Martabak Lebaksiu"

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(success story)
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Wong Lebaksiu mayoritas pada dodolan martabak. Akehe pada merantau, ning kota-kota gede ning pulau [[Jawa]]. Ana sing ning [[Jakarta]], [[Bandung]], [[Semarang]], [[Surabaya]]. Bahkan akeh sing wis anjog luar jawa.
Ning Lebaksiu dewek ana martabak sing terkenal enak, martabak Bapak Daklan, mangkale ning ngarepe warung Sate Ibu Sari, sebelah lor tikungan Lebaksiu (Patung BGN).
Its just a little sides in this area. There are one of place that have unique and nice thing, they are
good people with best skill, interest performance, and they can make the consumers always satisfied with their competence to make martabaks, serving the consumers what will he/she want, perfect communication and also set price not too cheap or expensive.
The place that called FAVORIT MARTABAK. Address at lebaksiu street ( in front of 'Nurjanah' shop), Kauman Lebaksiu lor. The owner of this martabak seller names Kamali. He is a one of best enterpreneur
in Lebaksiu. He is sells martabak is more than 30 years in many region, town, even different province.
The first think that become attention is martabak which be made easily, properly, and make appetite to eat for the buyers and it's have delicious taste. Because of that many people seen often buy or ask receipe to him.
This is succes story on people who hard worker. Congrulations for reader, the writer hope we can see
the succes story in next edition. thank's.