Ip kecuali blokir


Kesuwun pak/mas Arifys nyong wis bisa nyunting maning. AYST201 (wicara) 5 Maret 2016 14.43 (UTC)Wangsuli



@Arifys: Pripun pak kabare ora ono jejak nyunting? Sedurunge kesuwun nggih AYST201 (wicara) 23 Maret 2016 13.22 (UTC)Wangsuli

Sami-sami yangapan selamat berkontribusi semoga betah nang kene anu ora kerumat kiye.

Arifys (wicara) 24 Maret 2016 12.18 (UTC)Wangsuli

Your block on AYST201


Hello. You've blocked User:AYST201, which is complaining on my talk page on Meta about your block. I see that you've blocked the user for allegedly spamming, for one week, without possiblity to email you or post any unblock request on their talk page. Checking all edits of the blocked user, even deleted ones, I see no spamming activities whatsover. Please unblock that user. --MarcoAurelio (wicara) 24 Maret 2016 14.36 (UTC)Wangsuli

Removal of your sysop status


Blocking users asking legit questions is a mistake, blocking a steward asking a legit question is a bad idea. --Vituzzu (wicara) 24 Maret 2016 15.29 (UTC)Wangsuli

I warned you before that blocking again users with false reasons will have consequences. You should have learnt from those mistakes when we gave you the opportunity to do so. MarcoAurelio (wicara) 24 Maret 2016 15.30 (UTC)Wangsuli