Buat templateBesut

Buat template. --MRZQ (rembugan) 25 September 2021 11.28 (UTC)

  Irkham Mahfudh (rembugan) 25 September 2021 11.47 (UTC)


Mirunggan:Kaca_mirunggan, laporan. --MRZQ (rembugan) 25 September 2021 22.28 (UTC)

Removal of contentBesut

Hello @Irkham Mahfudh Hope you have a great time, can you explain why you Removed Content from wp:Dopokan without providing explanation?. 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (rembugan) 2 Oktober 2021 09.23 (UTC)

@Sakura emad: I just archived it to Wikipedia:Dopokan/Arsip3 and Wikipedia:Dopokan/Arsip4. At that time I forgot to provide a summary of the edits. Irkham Mahfudh (rembugan) 2 Oktober 2021 09.58 (UTC)
in this case sorry for bothering you, i will expecting leaving a summarized explanation for your next action   Thank you. 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (rembugan) 2 Oktober 2021 10.01 (UTC)

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Why add you a Spam link? Special:Diff/212442 WikiBayer (rembugan) 13 November 2021 10.41 (UTC)