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Greetings Harvzsf! Can you help me create a stub for this article which is based on the Indonesian article. Just 2-5 lines would be sufficient enough and your help would be gratefully appreciated. (I do not know what the correct Banyamusan title should be). Thanks.

Regards -- Joseph, 06:05 Friday 31 March 2006 (UTC)

Your account will be renamed sunting

18 Maret 2015 03.18 (UTC)

Files with no license sunting

Hi! You have uploaded one or more files with no license. All files on Wikipedia need a license. If no license is added the file have to be deleted.

So please check the files you have uploaded and check if all information is correct and if there is a license.

You can see the file(s) in Kategori:Files with no license. There is a link in the top of the category you can click to see which file(s) you uploaded. --MGA73 (rembugan) 29 Mei 2021 17.56 (UTC)Wangsuli